Pop-punk as a musical form doesn’t lend itself to the exploration of huge swathes of musical ground, instead choosing to walk a narrower, well defined, path.  Despite these genre constraints, Like Pacific avoid the “4 chord song” stereotype that plagues punk, with Chris Thuang (bass), Dillon Forret (drums), and Cam Ward

and Dylan Burnett (guitar), making use of every sonic inch available to them.  Lead single Worthless Case sees the band engage in interesting rhythmic changes, 22a features a pleasing arpeggiated motif, Dim lets Thuang and Forret stretch their legs, and closing track, Scarred, deploys solid syncopation leading to the song’s bridge.  Screamed vocals are an acquired taste, and definitely not to something everyone can listen to, and vocalist Jordan Black mainly relies on this delivery style.  Surprisingly Black’s screams are oddly pleasing and melodic, which makes his nasal, slightly whiny, singing voice – when he chooses a more traditional vocal style – all the more jarring.

This is an extract from a review originally published on the 2nd March 2016. Please visit Renowned For Sound to read the full review.


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