On the more factual side of things, I learnt that Everybody Wants is a redux of the Derbyshire group’s 2014 debut album, remastered, rerecorded, and reissued with five additional tracks to accompany and reinforce the band’s burgeoning popularity, especially in the United States where The Struts relocated to in 2015.  They have also developed a reputation for being strong live performers, which you’d say would be a requisite when opening for The Rolling Stones in front of 80,000 people, as they did in Paris in 2014, and opening track Roll Up quickly ratchets up the energy in such a way that it’s not a great imaginative leap to picture a crowd really getting into it.  The listener is quickly bombarded by the anthemic Could’ve Been Me, a song with a chorus hook so big you could reel in Jaws with it, and no doubt the crowds are eagerly clapping and singing along to the clichéd message of living for the now and not having any regrets.

This is an extract from a review originally published on the 25th March 2016. Please visit Renowned For Sound to read the full review.


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