Three of the album’s tracks – Grim, Home Soon, and Walking Through a Dead Night – are reworkings of songs from that first EP.  The changes to these songs is more than cosmetic, yet less than structural.  Grim has its reverb soaked, post-rock, guitar replaced by a more controlled, though still textured, synth part which is suitably dark and heavy at the songs commencement, as fits the lyrics – “grin and bear it/trust that when you fall asleep/you’ll wake/in the morning”.  Simplifying the bass line for this track seems like a poor decision, but the synth and drums lend a reasonable punch to the song, and overall the transposition from indie infused post-rock to dark dream-pop is compellingly executed.

This is an extract from a review originally published on the 1st July 2016. Please visit Renowned For Sound to read the full review.


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