As happens at about this time every year, the calendars have been opened to October.  More than just the tenth month of the year – or the eighth, if you never got on board with the Julian or Gregorian systems – October is also the month where FM radio stations around the globe decide to get all punny and rename the month “Rocktober” and focus their playlists on “rawk” music – typically classic ’70s and ’80s rock, a bit of ’90s alternative, and whatever the kids happen to be listening to these days.

More often than not the music is from male acts – blokes who other blokes might like to have a beer with at the pub while watching the footy – neglecting the role of women in the rock-arena, and the music industry more generally.

As a fan of many female performers, Women-Who-Rocktober is my small gesture – admittedly from the male perspective – towards redressing the historic imbalance in the view of what a rock-artist looks like, by showcasing women who kick-arse and rock-out in the music industry.

I am approaching this from the perspective of “rock” being an attitude not a postcode, so it is not strictly limited to acts/artists who are considered rock/metal/punk/insert-sub-genre-here, but women who embody or demonstrate a rock attitude in the way they approach their music and careers.

Lastly, this won’t be a ranking or countdown, just 31 days of good music in no order of preference.

Please feel free to make suggestions about women who you think should be mentioned over the coming weeks, and I hope people enjoy the final selections.

Women-Who-Rocktober 2016

October 1st: Abbe May

October 2nd: Paz Lenchantin

October 3rd: Carly Comando

October 4th: Patti Smith

October 5th: Courtney Love

October 6th: Warpaint

October 7th: Christa Hughes

October 8th: Amanda Palmer

October 9th: L7

October 10th: Lzzy Hale

October 11th: Courtney Barnett

October 12th: Peaches

October 13th: Sleater-Kinney

October 14th: Mish Barber-Way

October 15th: Nitocris

October 16th: Kim Deal

October 17th: Neko Case

October 18th: Margaret Glaspy

October 19th: Björk

October 20th: Adalita

October 21st: Kaki King

October 22nd: Grace Slick

October 23rd: Zoë Keating

October 24th: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

October 25th: PJ Harvey

October 26th: Carina Round

October 27th: Kim Gordon

October 28th: Ani DiFranco

October 29th: Julie Christmas

October 30th: Pussy Riot

October 31st: Deap Vally


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