It was only with the release of Slingshot Dakota’s fourth album, Break, earlier this year that I discovered Carly Comando.  I was allocated the album to review shortly after I started writing for Renowned For Sound, and it only took a few moments after hitting play for me to be hooked, with that hook being delivered by Comando.

Slingshot Dakota are a ‘mere’ duo, consisting of Comando and her husband, Tom Paterson, but they produce a sound that is surprisingly large and boisterous.  Comando coaxes from her keyboard fuzzed-out punk tones that many guitar-based bands dream of, all the while delivering Disney-sweet melodies and singing with a sweet, earnest, and charming vocal style.

Besides Slingshot Dakota’s distinctive pop-punk, Comando has also released two solo albums of more conventional piano/keyboard music, with the most popular example of this work being the song, Everyday, which was composed specifically for New York photographer Noah Kalina’s art project, Noah Takes a Picture of Himself Everyday for 6 Years, which went viral in 2006 after Kalina posted the video online.

With her evident musical skills, her commanding sound, and her versatility, Carly Comando is one of the Women-Who-Rocktober.


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