Australian Christa Hughes has been utilising her powerful voice since she was 15, performing with her sometimes jazz-pianist father, journalist Dick Hughes.  In 2000, having spent time travelling and performing around the globe, Hughes joined Machine Gun Fellatio – often abbreviated to MGF by those who find the group’s full-name to be a tad risqué – as a vocalist and, given the band’s penchant for the absurd, crude, and bizarre, she fit right in.  Famously, at a gig at the now defunct Hopetoun Hotel in inner-city Sydney, Hughes was delivered to the stage to perform Mutha Fukka on a Motorcycle, dressed in a nun’s habit and riding a motorcycle through the venues side entrance.

That entrance, to a small venue, only goes some of the way to illustration how raucous the group and its member’s could be, with Machine Gun Fellatio receiving more than their fair share of complaints regarding their on-stage antics.  For those readers aged over 18, I recommend getting on YouTube to see some footage of the band in actions; like this, and this.

In 2010, Hughes once again teamed up with her father on the album, 21st Century Blues, a decision that is clearly not just that of a loving daughter, but of an artist willing to mix things up and push themselves creatively.

Her antics, voice, and stage presence alone are plenty to include Christa Hughes in Women-Who-Rocktober, but her versatility in traversing rock/alternative, cabaret, jazz, and blues with such aplomb further seals the deal.  Of the artists featured – and yet to be featured – on this list, Hughes is one where my words truly fall short as the best way to understand Christa Hughes’ music is to listen and watch.



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