Getting your mother to take you to gigs doesn’t sound very rock ‘n’ roll on the face of it, but when the reason is that you and your band-mates are all underage it all starts to sound decidedly more edgy. Formed in 1992 by four friends – Sara Anderson (bass), Jessamine Finlayson (lead guitar), Andrea Stanway (drums), and Kira Taylor (rhythm guitar) – from Hunters Hill High School in Sydney, the members of Nitocris had an average age of 14 . When she joined the band as vocalist in 1994, Morgana Ancone was the only member of the band aged over 18, and was the only member able to perform at licensed venues unescorted.


With their line-up now complete, Nitocris would go on to develop a small, but dedicated, following for their punk/metal stylings, releasing 2 albums and 5 EPs between 1994 and their breakup in 2001. Over the years Nitocris would tour with groups like The Cult, Screaming Jets, The Whitlams, Pennywise, and Suicidal Tendencies.

It would make sense to include Nitocris in Women-Who-Rocktober for being one of Australia’s first all-female groups of the grot grrrls movement – the Aussie equivalent of the US riot grrrls – but having seen them perform at the Big Day Out festival, I can attest to their ability to rock-out and enthrall an audience, which is an entirely more primal justification for their inclusion here.


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