For the past quarter century, Adalita Srsen, has been a mainstay of the Australian alternative music scene, whether as the front-woman of Magic Dirt, as a solo artist, or through collaboration with other bands and artists. Adalita first released music as a solo artist in 2006, when she performed on two cover versions for the Mick Harvey produced soundtrack to the film, Suburban Mayhem. In 2008, with Magic Dirt co-founder and bassist, Dean Turner, encouraging Adalita to overcome her hesitancy in releasing music as a solo artist, work began on what would become her debut solo album, Adalita.

Recording for Adalita began in 2009, with Turner taking on a co-production role but, in late August of that year, Turner succumbed to the cancer he had been fighting for the past 9 years. Turner’s death delayed the record’s completion and affected Adalita deeply – the two having been romantically involved in the early ’90s, and their musical careers being so closely entwined since that time as well. Magic Dirt toured in Turner’s honour in 2010, with the group then entering an indefinite hiatus, and Adalita completed work on her album, releasing it in 2011. Adalita is dedicated to Turner, in recognition of their longstanding friendship and his belief in her solo music.

2013 saw the release of All Day Venus, Adalita’s second solo record. Where Adalita was a minimal offering, oriented heavily around looped guitar parts and Adalita’s vocals, All Day Venus trod a more traditional path with the consistent backing of bass and drums. Despite this sonic shift, both solo albums bear the clear mark of a single creative voice while also managing to stand well apart from Magic Dirt’s output. For rocking out so thoroughly in the ’90s and 2000s, and for continuing to grow as an artist, Adalita is added to the Women-Who-Rocktober, and I look forward to her future musical endeavours.


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