Compatriot, Jacknife Lee, returns as Gameshow’s producer, having worked on Two Door Cinema Club’s second record, Beacon.  As would be expected with the involvement of someone Lee’s calibre, Gameshow is a shiny and polished affair with no obvious technical flaws or shortcomings.  It seems odd to say, but this proves to be a weakness of sorts, as the songs have a tendency to blur together with no strong individual character beyond just how dancey they are, and how heavily the band lean into the funk/disco vibe they have become enamoured with.  The indie-rock sound that ran through 2010’s Tourist History, is all but gone now – completing the shift started with Beacon – with the only grit or edge being relegated to 70’s inspired solos and back-masking, as on Fever, Bad Vibrations, and Invincible.

This is an extract from a review originally published on the 21st October 2016. Please visit Renowned For Sound to read the full review.


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