Of all the stories of how bands met and formed, my favourite origin story has to belong to the Los Angeles based duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, better known as Deap Vally. With their booming, fuzzed-out, garage-rock you wouldn’t expect the pair to have met at a knitting class – maybe some of you would, but for me it’s one of those delicious examples of serendipity coupled with a confounding of expectations. It was only by chance that I discovered the music of Deap Vally – their name coming up as a related act when I was researching White Lung for my review of Paradise, as Troy had been a touring member of the band – and it didn’t take long for me to become hooked on the big sound the duo concoct.

Luckily for me, I soon discovered that the pair’s second album, Femejism, was soon coming out, and I was able to arrange to review it just prior its release in September. As you may have picked up on from the album title, Deap Vally have a feminist streak to them, a fact that was also evident when they titled their first record Sistrionix and chose Gonna Make My Own Money for their debut single. Deap Vally’s feminism seems to be in the vein of promoting equality and acceptance, with Smile More taking a wry swipe at the judgments, shamings, and expectations that women deal with on a daily basis. It is difficult not imagine women hearing Troy’s lyrics, nodding and smiling to themselves saying ‘yep, that’s what it’s like’.

Regardless of whatever political ideas Deap Vally may or may not espouse – and those the listener may project upon the band – they just rock in a very satisfying manner, and are not about having a little fun with it all – check out the wonderfully silly video clip for Gonnawanna. If you’re not yet convinced that Deap Vally are Women-Who-Rocktober I’d like to point out that Edwards was 5 months pregnant when the clip for Royal Jelly was shot, and she continued to tour and perform live until the 7 month mark – which seems like a pretty kick-arse thing to do.


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