Well. It was inevitable. October has ended, and with it this edition of Women-Who-Rocktober – at least from me, if others want to continue with Women-Who-Rocktober in November they are most welcome to.

I knew at the outset that embarking on writing a month-long series of fully independent feature articles would be a little intense. And things certainly did get a little hectic at times, and more than once I wondered if I’d bitten off more than I could chew and if I should bail on the project, but now that I’ve seen it through I am glad I kept on keeping on, as I learnt much about artists I thought I already knew a lot about, and learnt about artist I hadn’t heard of before. I hope that reading this series has been informative and entertaining for you too.

It seems only fitting at this point to give some shout-outs, and to acknowledge those, without whom, this series wouldn’t have been possible.

Firstly, I wish to thank the Women-Who-Rocktober, for creating the music and art that has enhanced my life throughout the years. Without their efforts, this would have ended up a very short series indeed.

I would also like to thank Jen, Kati, Kristen, and Lara, who have spruiked my articles, and/or have been there with words of support and encouragement as the month wore on.

A special shout-out must go to Alyce, who has not only been a vocal supporter of this series, but has also been very generous with providing me with opportunities I would otherwise not have had.

An extra-special thanks goes to Monica, without whose support I wouldn’t be writing and pursuing a more rewarding career path. I am greatly in your debt.

Also, thank you to all the women-who-rock who didn’t get a mention; the known and unknown; the established and brand-new acts. Keep on rockin’, ladies!

And finally, thank you for reading and supporting this blog series with your likes and shares; it was certainly encouraging to see that this project resonated with so many out there.

If you enjoyed Women-Who-Rocktober, and would like to see more independent writing and reviews from me, please consider flicking me a few bucks on PayPal (I’m also looking into Patreon for the near-future too). With your support I can more frequently post independent, no holds barred, write-ups of gigs and new releases, as well as expand the site to include more of my photography.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming review of Abbe May‘s performance at the Newtown Social Club on the 17th November.

Women-Who-Rocktober 2016

October 1st: Abbe May

October 2nd: Paz Lenchantin

October 3rd: Carly Comando

October 4th: Patti Smith

October 5th: Courtney Love

October 6th: Warpaint

October 7th: Christa Hughes

October 8th: Amanda Palmer

October 9th: L7

October 10th: Lzzy Hale

October 11th: Courtney Barnett

October 12th: Peaches

October 13th: Sleater-Kinney

October 14th: Mish Barber-Way

October 15th: Nitocris

October 16th: Kim Deal

October 17th: Neko Case

October 18th: Margaret Glaspy

October 19th: Björk

October 20th: Adalita

October 21st: Kaki King

October 22nd: Grace Slick

October 23rd: Zoë Keating

October 24th: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

October 25th: PJ Harvey

October 26th: Carina Round

October 27th: Kim Gordon

October 28th: Ani DiFranco

October 29th: Julie Christmas

October 30th: Pussy Riot

October 31st: Deap Vally


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